About Cevea

“If there is to be a balance, and if the centre-left is to be represented in the changing political landscape, then Cevea is one of the most important actors.”
- Ove Kaj Pedersen, Professor, CBS

Cevea is an independent centre-left think tank that develops ideas with the purpose of working for a society based on the values of equality, freedom and solidarity.

Cevea aims to contribute to the development of society by performing constructive, solution-oriented analyses that are based on an independent, well-founded, interdisciplinary foundation. The aim is to promote the political ideals of an inclusive society characterized by personal freedom and equal recognition of each individual.

The foundation of our work is shaped by cooperation, solidarity and respect for the resources available for us in society.

Cevea collaborates and participates in debates with other political actors in order to discuss and continually develop the values of freedom, equality and solidarity, as well as contributing with an ideological perspective on current trends.

The results are publications in the form of books, analyses and commentaries as well as active participation in the daily debate on political issues. Cevea also organizes the yearly conference The Inequality Summit and other events such as debates on particular themes. Cevea has maintained a solution-oriented approach to the concrete challenges of today and has continuously been working on developing new ideas for the future of society.

Cevea continues to grow and develop. With our members and partners, we work towards strengthening our position in the political debate. The people in Cevea, our members and network are our strongest assets.