Support Cevea

You can support Cevea by:

Becoming a member

A membership gives you access to debates and conferences with renowned politicians and scholars plus it allows you to participate in courses where you will gain insight into the groundbreaking analyses and the possibility to build a strong network.

At the same time, you take part in promoting the work for a society based on the values of freedom, equality and community.

A membership currently costs yearly 500 DKK (Students: 300 DKK a year)

For further information, send an email to:

Making a donation

Cevea receives donations from anyone who wishes to support our work without the need of any involvement. By giving a donation, you support Cevea with an amount of your own choice.

You can wire transfer the money to Cevea's bank account at Arbejdernes Landsbank:

IBAN: DK4353010000380486

Or, you can pay directly via PayPal.

Becoming a sponsor

Organizations have the opportunity to become a sponsor of Cevea or of a specific event. Please contact the office for information: (+45) 3312 6800